Reinvent analytics for a privacy-first world


I'm Tero, CEO here at Volument.

During my 20 year career as a startup founder and a front-end developer, I've spent a lot of time thinking, talking, and studying user experience, simplicity, and minimalism.

For someone who loves great UX and carefully thought-out content, the current state of web analytics feels absurd.

Just think about the first impression of a brand nowadays. Because of analytics tools and trackers, the content and brand work startup founders and marketers put so much effort into is hidden behind a full-screen GDPR banner.

At the same time, site owners struggle with information overload: insane amounts of data and graphs but no real insights on what to do.

Web analytics is stuck in the past and needs a fresh start in a privacy-first world where trust and quality content make or break brands.

The brands we look up to the most, such as Stripe, Apple, and Airbnb, put enormous amounts of time and effort into their websites. They choose their words and images carefully and master every detail. Quality content helps them earn their visitor's trust and turn strangers into loyal customers and super-fans.

Volument uses the power of storytelling to help startup founders, marketers, bloggers, and growth hackers to understand how their content performs and makes people feel. Like a human to another, we tell you how to make your website more compelling and build a brand people love.

Oh, and there's more. Volument is a full-blown minimalistic, lightweight, and privacy-friendly web analytics tool. We don't want to slow down your site or scare visitors with a massive GDPR banner.

Volument is free for small sites, and the tracker is open source.

Stay tuned for some yummy insights.



The roadmap

A solid foundation

Build the foundation for the future: privacy-friendly tracking, content-driven data, and insight-led analytics.

Reboot A/B testing

Volument is the ideal platform for A/B testing because it understands what works and what's broken. We'll build a much simpler, faster, and more versatile A/B testing engine. Run multiple tests simultaneously with tests that take days instead of months. Most importantly, we make A/B testing accessible for startups and other lower-traffic sites.

Automate stuff

Imagine: fully automatics A/B tests and marketing campaigns without UTM tagging and data deep-dives. Focus on your marketing and development tasks and be notified when something meaningful happens on your website. And just like that, you become data-driven.

Predict the future

Our data is highly predictive because we know how visitors gradually build interest before taking action. These leading indicators allow us to create a fast and accurate predictive system. Publish a new landing page and know how it performs in just a few days, even hours, on a more busy site.


Here's my email address: — Please share your thoughts. I'm happy to answer, and it shouldn't take more than 24 hours.

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