What's next?

Public beta on April 15th


Get notifed on Slack or by email when something important happens.


Run multiple simultaneous experiments on a single landing page.

Product optimization

A separate sampling for product users and product versions.

Built-in geo detection

An integrated system for detecting visitor location on the globe.

A little later

Purchase flow optimization

Optimize your pricing page and it's surroundings.

Trial optimization

A separate sampling for trial users for optimizing the onboarding flow.

Country groupings

Understand Nordics, Baltics and business specific clusters.

Special seasons

See the impact of summer, corona, and other special seasons.


Compare how bouncers, engagers, return visitors, and loyalists convert.

Global dashboard

One view for all your projects.

Business performance

Compare yourself to the others on your industry.

Special wide-screen UI

A more powerful layout for 1920- pixel monitors and beyond.

Hacker News integration

A special gem we are working on. Something different, but cool.


Desktop app

Native menus, notifications and a and better keyboard support.


For faster and more confident A/B testing and decision making.

Google Analytics import

Sync all Google Analytics data that makes sense.

Mobile apps

Conversion optimization for games and other mobile apps.

Data sync

Get engagement data from S3, Backblaze, or similar.


Make your backend aware of the more important events.


How do you decide on a feature?

The feature must be a natural fit to the product and offer clear value for conversion optimization.

What features are rejected?

We won't implement heatmaps, session recordings, form funnels, surveys, click flows, or custom event funnels because they tend to increase information overload. We want to make optimization easier.

Why is this roadmap public?

This helps us build something people genuinely want.

Do you fear copycats?

Nope. Our competitors’ data models are fundamentally different. If they want to grab something from this roadmap they basically have to start from scratch.

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