Actions & conversions

Tracking actions and conversions help you understand how visitors interact with your website. You can fully customize which events you want to track, but Volument aims to simplify your life with automatic event tracking.

Automatic event tracking

Volument automatically tracks all the actions and conversions your visitors make as follows:

  • All form submissions are tracked as an “action”
  • If the form has a valid email address in one of the input fields, the submission is tracked as a “conversion”

The action name is the label of the <button> visitors pressed. You can customize the label with data-label attribute:

<button data-label="Lead conversion">Submit</button>

You can disable auto-tracking by setting data-dnt=true on the button element. DNT stands for “do not track”.

Auto-track customization

You can provide custom selectors for actions and conversions in the configuration. For example:

<!-- Analytics by -->
<script async src=""></script>

  window.volument_opts = {
    token: 'YOUR_TOKEN',

    // select all elements with data-label attribute as actions
    actions: `[data-label]`,

    // all form submit buttons create a conversion
    conversions: `form button[type=submit]`

Any standar document.querySelector will work as the value.

Manual event tracking

Sometimes auto-tracking is too tricky to set up, so you can wire your events manually with volument.event() JavaScript call. For example:

// track a custom event to Volument
volument.event('Viewed pricing')

These events are shown on the UI as follows:

Custom event on Volument ui

Give your events a name that makes sense in a trend box like the above.

Manual conversion tracking

Conversions are desired actions that drive your business goals. For example, when an anonymous visitor joins a mailing list and becomes a contact. Or when a visitor contacts sales and turns into a lead.

Use the following methods to customize your conversion tracking:


Call this method when the visitors join your mailing list and hand in their email addresses.


Call this method when the visitor becomes a sales lead by contacting sales and handing in their contact information.


Call this method when the visitor starts using your product.


Call this method when the visitor converts to a customer by handing in their payment information.


Call this method when the visitor converts to a promoter by inviting her friends or other associates to your product.


Conversion with a custom label. For example, volument.convert(‘Trial sign up’)


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