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Tero Piirainen

Volument CEO • April 26, 2022

Web analytics must change

I'm obsessed with minimalism. It's how I think, code, write, or design stuff. Steve Jobs’ advice: “Focus on the good stuff and get rid of the crappy stuff” is in my blood.

Bad UX makes me feel sick. I end up rage quitting in everyday life when using computers, TV controls, and other electronic devices — even coffee machines make me act like an immature child.

My biggest love-hate relationship is with analytics, which is hugely responsible for bad UX in today's websites. Just think about those heavy and slow websites with many tracking scripts and that horrible GDPR banner that hides the content:

Probably the worst possible way to greet your visitors

This makes a terrible first impression and a definite UX killer.

Another issue is the UX of the analytics tools themselves. There's this crazy amount of data that you can look at from too many directions and nobody is there to guide you. The purpose of analytics is to give you insights, but you are experiencing an information overload instead.

We want to fix this by building a new kind of analytics experience where the initial feeling should be more like .. “Of course!“

Volument focuses on delivering insights

First: Instead of providing data for the sake of data, Volument gives you practical insights on what works and what you should do next.

Second: We focus primarly on content, because content is actionable: ie. you can easily change your content, but it's much harder to change your audience. Actionable insights are the holy grail of analytics.

Third: Tracking is done anonymously, because the GDPR banner is such an ugly beast and privacy is the future.

Apart from these fundaments Volument is a full-blown web analytics tool with all the basic dimensions you find in Google Analytics. And the service will be free for sites with less than 10k monthly visits.

Our vision is to build Analytics for a better Internet

— Tero

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