We're redoing analytics

A gentle place to work

Our culture is centered around doers: the designers, developers, and writers. Odd working hours, weird social habits, and lazyness is cool. Everything seems to run smoothly when working on a problem that matters.


Go developer

To constantly improve our Nats-based infrastructure.


  1. Public code to look at
  2. Interest in system design
  3. Years of Go experience
  4. Personal blog is a plus


Technical writer

We're looking for a great storyteller to increase the awareness of Volument


  1. A blog to look at
  2. Strong presence on Hacker News
  3. Familiar with the analytics landscape
  4. Coding skills is a plus

Core team

Tero Piirainen: CEO tero@
Lauri Heiskanen: Backend lauri@
Lari Hotari: Infrastructure lari@
Jukka Santala: Sales jukka@

Volument Inc.

Kolmas linja 21 D 65

00530 Helsinki



  • Andrew Chen for great essays
  • Chartbeat for eye-tracking studies
  • Jared M. Spool for criticism on analytics
  • Nielsen Norman Group for the UX research
  • Paul Graham for general startup advice
  • Salvatore Sanfilippo for the right attitude
  • Seth Godin for the marketing wisdom
  • Finland for the functional society
  • Berlin for the unique spirit
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