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Insight-led web analytics

Replace Google Analytics 4 with simple insights.

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Get simple insights on content and campaigns without losing your mind.


Volument is the first analytics to understand the first impression and the impact of your design changes.


Know instantly if your site suffers from poor design, slow page loads, or JavaScript errors.

Web teams

Build better websites together with added human wisdom.

A simple fix for Google Analytics anxiety.

Replace the data monster with a simple, privacy-friendly alternative.

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Use Volument for free up to 10k page views per month, always. No hidden agendas.

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Respect privacy

Choose the only future-proof option for tracking your website visitors while respecting their privacy.

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Save the Internet

The Internet is having a crisis: people don’t trust the websites they visit and businesses lack the information to build better ones.

We are building a better way to understand how people interact with websites and ultimately make the Internet a better place.

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