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Tero Piirainen

Founder and CEO of Volument • January 27, 2022

Better analytics for your website

We're building a privacy-first analytics platform that focuses on user experience. Because that's the only way unicorns are born.

During my 20 year career as a startup founder and frontend developer, I've spent an absurd amount of time thinking and talking about user experience, simplicity, and minimalism. It's how I think, code, write, or design stuff. Steve Jobs’ advice: “Focus on the good stuff and get rid of the crappy stuff” is in my blood.

Bad UX makes me feel sick. I end up rage quitting in everyday life when using computers, TV controls, and other electronic devices — even coffee machines make me act like an immature child.

However, my biggest love-hate relationship is with analytics, which is hugely responsible for bad UX in today's websites. Just think about those heavy and slow websites with many tracking scripts and a cookie banner that hides the content:

Probably the worst possible way to greet your visitors

That's a definite UX killer.

Another issue is the UX of the analytics tools themselves. There's this crazy amount of data that you can look at from too many directions and nobody is there to guide you. The purpose of analytics is to give you insights, but you are experiencing an information overload instead.

We want to fix this entirely.

Our mission is to design a new kind of analytics experience where the initial feeling should be more like .. oh–wow!

We turn your data into a story

First: we'll turn your data into a beautiful, easy-to-read story. You can have a 10-year data history and Volument will neatly show it from start to finish with all the highs and lows.

Second: the story continues with insights that tell you in human language what’s wrong with the website and give you practical tips on what to do next. Because a great story is finished with a call to action.

Third: There area insights for everyone. Developers get to know about performance and the Core Web Vitals. Designers and copywriters begin to understand first impressions and how their content resonates with people. Marketers and managers focus on the results.

Finally: we're sending you insights automatically when something critical happens. This will change the dynamics quite a bit: you can update the site, make A/B tests, and do marketing campaigns at your own, and Volument simply notifies you what works and what's broken.

Key difference: Volument gives you insights

A call to action to finish the story

Essentially, Volument gently nudges you in a direction that helps you build something people genuinely want.

With modern client-side technologies like the Performance API, PerformanceObserver, and the Beacon API, we can finally understand first impressions and UX and measure them more accurate than ever.

Privacy is a modern UX issue so we take that very seriously. We call ourselves privacy-first to separate us from the “privacy-friendly” options. For example, we never guide our users to circumvent ad blockers and always put the end-users choice first. Trust is more important than tracking people without their permission.

We obviously respect GDPR and other similar regulations, but unlike any other analytics in the market, we also respect ePrivacy, making Volument the most privacy-friendly analytics ever built.

This is the way of the unicorn!

Thanks for reading!

— Tero

Okay. So how is this different from __ ?

Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a massive 113-view monster. A prime example of information overload while still lacking the information we wanted. It's the #1 reason we started building Volument.


Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Heap are general-purpose event trackers. They are mostly used for product analysis. Volument is more opinionated: its data model is designed for understanding visitor behavior on a website.

Other privacy-friendly options?

Fathom, Simple Analytics, and Plausible offer barebones traffic statistics. They respect user privacy, but they are not compatible with ePrivacy because they don't respect visitors choice not to be tracked. Learn more


Optimizely and WVO are visual experimentation suites. They are best with button labels, background colors, and other micro-optimizations. Volument tackles a bigger picture: your entire website, and it's market. And you get results in days, not months.


Hotjar, Crazy Egg, and Mouseflow focus on hot areas based on clicks and mouse movement. Volument focuses on first impression, content consumption, and other leading indicators.

Earlier Volument?

Indeed — this is a rewrite. A third one to be exact. Disrupting this industry is a tall task, but we're commoitted to do it. The current feedback signals that it's going to happen.

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